Toniq is a response to the demanding consumers who are looking for healthy and stylish drinking experience. Light and sparkling coconut water is enriched with magnesium, ginger juice and probiotics. It’s a new approach to sports drinks completely different from sugar-heavy products packed in plastic bottles.

The brown glass bottle naturally reflects the outer shell of a coconut, and cues a more crafted and premium feel, supported by our choice of a stylish rose gold cap. The light, feathery and embossed pattern on the bottle brings to mind the inside of a coconut

— Karen Welman, The designer of Toniq
  • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
  • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
360° brand messaging
  • High-definition printing
  • Precise printing of small fonts
  • Integration of logos & key brand message
Tactile effects
  • Activating consumers by the sense of touch

Our standard product used for this project:


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