Rosé So Chic is a new project by Vignerons des 3 Châteaux. Following the success of their other wine, Question d’Equilibre, the company decided to create a new premium edition. They wanted a bottle that would match the new wine’s chic character.

A standard BD Rivage bottle and traditional paper label, used for Question d’Equilibre, served as base of this design. To premiumize the bottle, the company turned to the experts at O-I : EXPRESSIONS, an innovative solution of direct printing on glass. The paper label was replaced by direct-to-glass printing solution offering a more sustainable option. The image of a flamingo is featured in O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF to offer a tactile and more premium consumer experience, a “touche so chic” according to our customer. The final result in white print offers a minimalistic, simple, and premium design. This new wine will be distributed in Bretagne, North of France.

At O-I, we believe glass elevates every experience. Glass has a touch of magic. It plays with the senses of sight, sound and touch to transform moments large and small. Rosé So Chic with Vignerons des 3 Châteaux shows how our team specializes in bringing brand stories to life through glass packaging.

  • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
  • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
Tactile effects
  • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
360° brand messaging
  • Integration of Logos & Key Brand message
  • Full body decoration
  • High-definition printing


O-I glass is made in more than 20 countries around the globe. We create innovative, distinctive and beautiful glass packaging that builds brands and drives consumer intrigue.

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