Daylsford Organic Fig Leaf Gin and Hop Vodka aren’t just beautiful bottles; they tell a story of innovation and sustainability.

An organic farm and retail organization, sustainability is at the heart of Daylesford Organic. The bottles have up to 33% recycled glass, and the Reflection bottle from O-I’s Contemporary Collection has a bottle weight reduction of 20% of standard weight bottles.

O-I Innoval took on the challenge of replicating the artwork of Hugo Guinness on glass. The design is a 360-degree continuous image of dancers holding hands on the 70cl Lux Reflection cork mouth bottle. The first commercial project combining O-I’s Contemporary Collection and O-I: EXPRESSIONS, it embodies all the key defining features of O-I: EXPRESSIONS – flat print, embossed elements, multiple colors, different transparency levels, full height of container print, low volume production and a premium bottle shape.


O-I glass is made in more than 20 countries around the globe. We create innovative, distinctive and beautiful glass packaging that builds brands and drives consumer intrigue.

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