Betto is a Sicilian pastry shop and deli in Milan aiming to boost sales through establishing a take-away offering. They worked with 6th to design a premium and collectable packaging range for their customers. For their granita (a traditional Sicilian semi-frozen dessert), the agency selected a standard glass jar to be decorated with 26 different illustrations. Each of them features a letter of the alphabet and details recalling to Sicilian tradition, allowing Betto’s clients to compose names, words and even entire phrases. An elegant colorful embossing of each letter was realized through O-I : EXPRESSIONS.

O-I : EXPRESSIONS technology was perfect to turn a granita pot into a precious pot, emphasizing illustrations and graphics we created.

— 6th, the designer agency
  • Full body decoration
  • Increasing the surface available for brand messaging
  • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
Tactile effects
  • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
360° brand messaging
  • High-definition printing
  • Matching brand colors

The result was great, both to see and touch, and when granita is in, illustrations come to life and are shown at their best. I think people could spend even double the price of the equal price of this product which is granita to have a personalized granita with this kind of jar.

— 6th, the designer agency

Our standard product used for this project:


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