A rich story of quality and legacy is inside every bottle of Puymeras Côtes du Rhône Villages Red. The dominating grape variety is grenache, the flagship grapes at Côtes du Rhône. Here it accompanies a very fragrant landscape : lavender, olive trees, scrubland…

Since 2005 this hilly vineyard in Provence has been recognized for the interest of its particular terroir and officially named as one of the 22 appelations of communal villages of the Côtes du Rhône.

"The art of turning our land into wine" is no longer a slogan - it’s an act of faith for this cooperative of 220 winegrowers founded in 1930. Their know-how is reflected each year in medal-winning wines.

The Comtadine cooperative cellar has set the objective of promoting their Côtes du Rhône Puymeras by choosing O-I : EXPRESSIONS.

In Côtes du Rhône Villages Communal, many geographical appellations have a distinctive coat of arms embossed onto their glass bottles.

In this context, Puyméras needed to acquire more notoriety and therefore to differentiate itself and to personalize its packaging. The team found the perfect storytelling partners in the team of O-I : EXPRESSIONS, O-I's innovative, late-stage customization, digital printing solution. Thanks to the capabilities of O-I: EXPRESSIONS, the engraving of the new bottle of Puyméras represents the emblematic steeple of the village in color and relief.

"O-I: EXPRESSIONS is an excellent opportunity to promote our wine from Puyméras", declares Jean Foch, director of the cellar. "We can confirm that the colored relief of the bottle gives us better visibility on the shelves of a store, so that consumers choose our wine even more willingly than before."

For more than 100 years, O-I has transformed food and beverage brands into instantly recognizable icons. The Puyméras bottle highlights how O-I : EXPRESSIONS specializes in capturing brand’s stories through the magic of glass packaging.

360° brand messaging
  • Integration of logos & key brand message
Tactile effects
  • Activating consumers by the sense of touch


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