Varvaglione recreates iconic Puglia skyline

October 20, 2022

Celebrating 10 years of its 12 e mezzo wine, Varvaglione – a family winery in Puglia, Italy – has built on its tradition of striking packaging to commission a beautiful new bottle which puts the ‘beating heart’ of the company at the centre of the design, using the entire package as a canvas to tell its story.

The 10 year anniversary of Varvaglione’s 12 e mezzo wine collection seemed the perfect opportunity to produce a celebratory bottle which would commemorate the heart of the company. Made possible by the high-definition 3D printed embossing capabilities of O-I : EXPRESSIONS, the new bottle faithfully and precisely reproduces the scallops of the winery’s traditional farmhouse in Puglia.

The 12 e mezzo range is known for its beautiful, bold packages which have been enticing consumers since 2012, and the latest bottle takes this tradition a stage further. Since the bottle is digitally printed there is no need for a paper label, which enables the wine itself to shine through, while the finely-printed tactile embossing helps to create a multi-sensory experience.

Ernesto Ghigna, O-I’s European Wine Marketing Manager, said: “Varvaglione’s objective was not only to create an original bottle but to tell a story: their own story. The goal was a challenge because the client is very detail-oriented. We managed to create a particularly bright tone of white that stands out on coloured glass but also on white glass, playing with transparencies.”

The bottle is being exported to more than 60 countries around the world, from the US to South America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and South-East Asia.

“Our first reaction when we received the first samples of these bottles was of absolute wonder. We couldn’t really believe our eyes for the precision and detail we were able to achieve. We presented this new project to all our importers during Vinitaly Fair in Verona and everyone was really amazed.”
— Marzia Varvaglione, Marketing Director