Mallorcan wine bottle inspired by the sea

October 20, 2022

Developing a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution was the driving force behind Veritas Roig’s decision to use O-I : EXPRESSIONS when it came to designing a new bottle for its Rosé wine.

The Mediterranean Sea is an integral part of Mallorcan winery Veritas Roig and its popular Rosé. The wine is made from a single grape variety – the Mantonegro grape – which is native to Mallorca and derives its character from the sea that surrounds the area where it is grown. Inspired by this, the new bottle features a line drawing of a scorpionfish, characteristic of Mallorcan waters, which is digitally printed on the glass. This simple, minimal design allows complete visibility of the delicate colour of the Rosé wine inside.

Just as important as the design, however, was the need to create a more sustainable package. Veritas Roig wanted to replace the plastic label used on its previous bottle with an environmentally-friendly solution that would eliminate the use of non-recyclable materials. Using the unique capabilities of O-I : EXPRESSIONS it has been possible to print directly onto the bottle using UV-curable organic inks and create a package which can go through standard recycling streams and be made into new bottles.