Gossip girls go wild in augmented reality

May 10, 2023

Artist's design for La Pettegola Limited Edition becomes augmented reality with O-I : EXPRESSIONS

”Have you heard the latest? The wine you’re drinking has an augmented reality experience built into the bottle.”

La Pettegola by Banfi is a light-bodied Vermentino dry white wine. Each year since 2018, the winery has produced a limited edition of La Pettegola (The Gossip Girl) signed by an internationally renowned artist and designer.

The Limited Edition 2023 label was, for the first time, designed by a non-Italian artist: the Israeli Noma Bar. He is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Noma has collaborated with many international organisations including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, IBM and Coca-Cola.

At the heart of the brief was talking with friends, sharing the gossip. Noma designed a 360° scene in which a group of female friends are talking in a bar. “It’s a constant conversation in an unusual way.” The design cleverly incorporated both wine cues (bottles, glasses, pouring) and La Pettegola brand iconography: a golden goblet, a swirl of pink, a bird with outstretched wings. “When you drink, you can look at the label and discover new things.”

There is a lot of mandatory information on a wine bottle, which Noma Bar captured integrated via the main character’s t-shirt and another lady’s handbag placed on the bar.

The concept was brought to life via the punch and depth of colour available from O-I : EXPRESSIONS. O-I’s innovative late-stage personalisation solution, enabled by digital direct to glass printing, provided a high quality, genuinely 360° printed label with no awkward join. O-I : EXPRESSIONS reproduced all the intricate details of Noma Bar’s design precisely onto the glass with perfect colour registration.

In addition, for the 2023 edition, the label uses Augmented Reality to bring the five female protagonists of the artwork to life, expressing their thoughts and their emotions. To see the animated label, just download the Banfi Experience app (Apple Store – Play Store) and frame the bottle.

“I wanted to combine my style with the world of La Pettegola, imagining a world between women intent on revealing their dreams, passions and secrets over a glass of wine.”
— Noma Bar, Graphic Designer and Illustrator
“With O-I : EXPRESSIONS it is possible to realise graphical designs that can interact directly with AR apps and scanners. As such, the glass bottle becomes the key to unlock a virtual consumer experience. This adds further differentiation over other glass decoration techniques. It augments O-I : EXPRESSIONS’s vast range of colours and relief embossing (whether coloured or transparent in the same colour as the glass). Such technical advancement is what makes it an award winner and so popular with wine brands positioned in a crowded market.”
— Melianthe Leeman, Global Wines and Spirits Marketing Director at O-I