Crystal effect for prestige sparkling Rosé

October 20, 2022

Leading Corsican wine producer Vignerons d’Aghione took design inspiration from crystal to create a highly elegant premium bottle for its ‘Cuvée Excellence’ sulphate-free sparkling Rosé wine.

As part of a series of strategic innovations in its portfolio, Vignerons d’Aghione approached O-I to help develop a new premium package for its Cuvée in order to boost the wine’s image and consumer appeal.

Inspired by the look and feel of crystal, the new bottle features a 3-D lattice-like pattern printed directly onto the bottle using O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, bringing a tactile dimension which connects strongly with consumers through the sense of touch. The 360˚ printed embossing looks and feels like traditional embossing but has been achieved much more easily and cost-effectively as it did not require a mould development process.

Information which would traditionally appear on the wine’s label has also been printed directly onto the bottle, giving it a clean, contemporary look – and delivering a bottle which is environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle as well as being extremely stylish.