Wine Meets Augmented Reality in Innovative, Limited Edition Glass Bottle for Banfi 

Brought to life by O-I : EXPRESSIONS, the latest wine bottle for Banfi’s Limited Edition Pettegola is connecting with wine lovers in a brand new way: through augmented reality.

In a market where grabbing consumers’ attention is key to a brand’s success, one wine bottle is catching eyes not just in the real world, but in the virtual world as well. Banfi’s La Pettegola Limited Edition wine bottle has a label with its very own augmented reality experience, designed by the famous illustrator duo at Van Orton Design – enhanced by O-I : EXPRESSIONS’ custom 3D-printed embossing.

The packaging design is intriguing at first sight, and there is even more behind than what you initially see on the shelf. As demonstrated in the video below, all you need is a smartphone with an app to turn the wine bottle label into an immersive and psychedelic experience.

The ability to create innovative experiences like this is a signature of O-I : EXPRESSIONS.

“This year we have decided to collaborate with O-I by adopting the O-I: EXPRESSIONS service for La Pettegola Limited Edition 2022 project, as we believe that this technique of personalizing the bottle is perfect for highlighting the graphics and enhancing the artwork,” Banfi says.

La Pettegola has boasted limited editions designed by internationally reknown artists and designers since 2018. This year the brand enlisted the talents of the Van Orton twins. Even if you’re not familiar with the iconic pop art designs from the Van Orton twins, La Pettegola’s label will draw you in. The bold black lines and vivid colors set this label apart, and since consumers are spending more time on their phones than ever, the idea of connecting with them through an app is simply brilliant.

“Banfi ask us to make the label of the new Limited Edition of La Pettegola, it was immediately clear who should be the protagonist of the artwork: a little bird! We imagined him as the main character of a colorful and slightly psychedelic video game, like the ones we spent hours with as children. Our pettegola bird moves in a stylized Tuscan landscape, among hills, flowers, bunches of grapes, bicycles and incandescent sunsets, bringing lightheartedness and joy wherever she goes. Then, the fact that the label comes alive with augmented reality technology was a further stimulus to create a design full of life!”

— Van Orton
Identità del marchio a 360°
  • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
  • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
  • Usage of organic UV inks, no heavy metals
  • No impact on recyclability and safe for the environment

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